“Carolyn has a gift when it comes to CX. It starts with a real empathy for the customer, the client and the work and it evolves to a trusted and valued colleague. Carolyn worked on our team supporting a public sector project that had very specific deliverables and rules of engagement. By listening closely and applying her expertise and experience in both CX and technology procurement, she was able to produce a strategic assessment, recommendation and roadmap that enabled the client to achieve their goal. I look forward to working again with Carolyn and suggest you do the same.”

Jack Scheible, President of Candor Alliance

“Carolyn is extremely knowledgeable in customer experience & the wealth of tools and processes supporting this. Carolyn’s passion for customer experience & vulnerable customers shines through in everything she does. Not only this Carolyn is a great coach, collaborating & leading others to share her expertise. Thank you. I’d recommend Carolyn to help with your customer experience needs.”

Becca Francis, Agile Coach, E.ON

“Carolyn brings real value and understanding to the customer’s experience. It can be very easy to overlook the needs of vulnerable customers but Carolyn does not let that happen. The technology and communication skills employed by Carolyn meant that, even starting the process during the COVID restrictions, we were fully engaged.”

Crispin Jones, Managing Director, Arbed am Byth

“Carolyn facilitated a journey mapping workshop in the Marcus Evans 4.0 Experience Transformation and Service Excellent event.  In that workshop, Carolyn demonstrated her passion as a trainer and a competent CX practitioner.

The content of her workshop was of a high quality and developed for the right audience. I appreciated the real-life examples provided throughout her presentation. Her open, collaborative, and approachable style brought the workshop delivery to another level.

I would recommend Carolyn as a CX workshop coach.”

Olivia Kosasih, Direct Marketing and CRM Domain Leader, BP

“Carolyn has many years experience unearthing customer issues and pain points to help businesses truly understand their customer needs and where existing processes or service models may be letting them down. Using immersion to bring insights to life and helping to formulate new customer journeys and strategic plans to make your business truly customer centric. Putting customers at the heart of everything you do. Carolyn will challenge your thinking then work with you to find solutions to move your business forward. An asset to every team or project.”

Karen Tunnard, Head of Customer Management for B2B Sales, E.ON

“Carolyn made me feel in control and confident from the start.  Her ability to adapt her communication style to her audience is impressive and she handled myself, our Board and our teams with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Her approach to inclusive design is refreshing and energising.  We moved at pace, the teams willingly cleared their diaries to join and stayed committed throughout. Her dedication to and knowledge of vulnerable customers is clear and unfaltering.

Carolyn helped us overhaul our KPIs from a suite of complex and conflicting measures to 3 simple ones which we’re clear on how they align to and enable each other.  She supported us in cascading this throughout everyone’s objectives so their line of sight to the company performance is clear. Our complaints have declined month on month, cost to serve is down by 30% and contact centre demand down by 24%.”

Head of Strategy, UK Domestic Water Supplier

“We were really struggling with our personas, we had so many different vulnerable circumstances to consider struggled to prioritise one over others.  Carolyn helped us understand the needs of all of our customers and streamlined our personas down to 6.”

We use these in every aspect of our business now and Carolyn showed us how to journey map using them too.  It was eye opening to see the gaps and pain points in the experience we’d missed and great to see the passion and pace to fixing it once we’d spotted it.

More recently, Carolyn helped us define our CX strategy so we can all pull in the same direction.  I was amazed as to how powerful the emotions are and yet none of us had looked at CX through this lens before!

We may only be at the start of our CX programme but our teams are happier, our risk is clearer, we’ve a roadmap of improvements planned and our customers are at the heart of everyone.

CX strategy client