CX Coaching

With my CX Coaching we can make tangible improvements to your customer’s experience.

Did you know…

92% of customers are more likely to stay loyal to a brand with which they have a positive emotional connection.

53% of UK adults have characteristics of vulnerability.

By delving into not only the task the customer is trying to get done but also their emotional state of mind, together we can create experiences which are memorable for all the right reasons and lead to loyalty and advocacy for your brand.

Carolyn Delehanty CX Coaching

I coach your teams to deliver inclusive experiences.  Depending on your needs, I can do this for your vulnerable customers, all your customers or an identified subset including your vulnerable customers. This approach can also be used for designing new experiences/services too.



With your nominated lead, we build the foundations for success – the right people, the right governance, the right customers, and the right journey.



Together, we gather insights from numerous sources to understand your customer’s needs, create personas, map their current journeys, identify the pain points which represent the biggest opportunity in terms of customer, colleague, and commercial outcomes.



We draw on the expertise of your teams to co-create experience improvements.  Together we ideate, refine, and set the roadmap for improvements across the journey.  



In a controlled but rapid way, we’ll test ideas and learn quickly, what impact the improvement has.



We’ll deploy the improvements to more customers or other parts of the journey including closely monitoring the impact to ensure they stay on track as expected.

Embedding CX as a way of working…

It’s great to be able to offer inclusive experiences but consistency across all services is key to seeing improvements in brand perception, supplier rankings and share price.

I help organisations embed this approach as their new way of working by rapidly delivering on proof points, gaining momentum, and helping the rest of your business adopt it.  In fact, what I see happening is colleagues see its success and try to adopt it before their ready – I’ll help you harness and use that enthusiasm.

With your senior leaders, I will coach them to:

Set a CX strategy which underpins your mission and vision

Establish effective governance

Agree (and develop as needed) the key customer, colleague and commercial measures

Resourcing & upskilling for ongoing success

Defining your CX roadmap

“Putting customers at the heart of everything you do. Carolyn will challenge your thinking then work with you to find solutions to move your business forward. An asset to every team or project.”

Karen Tunnard, Head of Customer Management for B2B Sales, E.ON