Hi I’m Carolyn Delehanty

I’m a Customer Experience (CX) expert with a passion for vulnerable customers.

Today, I am the founder of Delehanty Consulting bringing my passion for vulnerable customers, proven CX practices and commercial acumen to regulated business like yours to help you get started on and accelerate the delivery of seamless, inclusive and commercially fulfilling experiences for all your customers.

Carolyn Delehanty
Delehanty Consulting

But life hasn’t always been so smooth for me. I have lived experience of financial vulnerability and through strategic and preventative actions, I am determined to prevent others going through what I did.

Desperate for respite from the stresses of a small debt I was struggling to manage, I sought support from my bank. They declined my request to extend my overdraft by £100 instead offering me a £1,000 loan. They called it “Responsible Lending.”

I took that loan and spent the next 6 years living beyond my means. I came within days of having my car repossessed, often had to choose between petrol to get to work and food and came close to packing it all in.


With an inbuilt love for customers traceable right back to my first job, in 2012 I discovered my calling. As a founding member of the CX team at E.ON, one of Europe’s largest energy companies, at a time when trust in the industry was at an all-time low, I landed a role in a niche team tasked with rebuilding our customer’s trust in us.

I led the transformation of our customer journeys for customers in vulnerable circumstances and, with experts from across the company, began identifying pain points, redesigning, and implementing the improvements.

I loved the buzz among the teams delivering the improvements and seeing the tangible impacts on the experience filter through into the Board’s key measures as my heart filled with pride at the difference we were making to vulnerable people.

“Carolyn has a gift when it comes to CX. It starts with a real empathy for the customer, the client and the work and it evolves to a trusted and valued colleague.”

Jack Scheible, President of Candor Alliance